Why an event app?

Why use an event app when you already have a website? We look at the reasons attendees demand an app at an event.

You may think that having put money into a website for your event that adding an event app is overkill. However, purpose-built apps that work alongside your event website prove to be the best for your attendees. All users appreciate an app that responds quickly with the information they need. Event apps provide more services, …

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On: Demand is on its way

on:demand autonomous event app builder by VenuIQ

VenuIQ will soon launch our new autonomous app building system, On:Demand, with an update to the Event Builder product. On:Demand will allow users to create their own branded event apps on a self-serve basis with no further assistance required from an app development team. That’s right, you’ll be in full control, deciding what information goes …

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