The VenuIQ Silver Service Guarantee

Event professionals care about their attendees and want them to have a great experience.

But who looks after the event professional?

We do!

Our Silver Service Guarantee ensures your event technology always works for you. VenuIQ stands behind the product and supports you and your team to deliver successful events every time.

Here are the six tenets of our Silver Service Guarantee:


Regular catch-up meetings to proactively manage the technology for your event.


Full training to build, manage and deliver event technology. All in no more than two hours.


We’ll get back to you within two hours and provide a solution in less than eight.


A resource library of “how to” walkthroughs for each element of the system.


Share what worked and didn’t for similar events, so you can hit the ground running.


Listen to your feedback to develop improved functionality for future events.

It’s the service you demand from all products and services in your life but rarely find these days. You could say it’s unicorn level service, but Silver Service is much more event-sounding!

VenuIQ is backed by a team of event professionals who have done and seen it all. You’ll get those years of experience married to world-class, award-winning technology to power your events to the next level.

We’ve got your back now and through every event from here on.

Who else can give you that level of service?

Successful events use VenuIQ

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