Three things we learned at Event Technology Forum 2023

For the first time in VenuIQ history, we sponsored Event Technology Forum by Forum Events, a hosted buyer event in Canary Wharf, London. This event brings together corporate, non-profit and agency buyers on the hunt for the best technology for their ever-changing event requirements.

1. Events profs know what they want!

The fog of COVID uncertainty and “new world” worries has lifted. People have had their first events back and KNOW what their events require from onsite technology and reporting.

We had some fantastic meetings with organisations that have real briefs for multiple events per year or one annual conference they host. All of these meetings had fully realised briefs or partnership scopes. This meant in our 25-minute meeting, we could learn, scope and even price events or annual plans!

2. ROI is scoped, planned and expected

Earlier this year, our Head of Sales, Luke, spoke at Confex alongside TK Events. During this presentation, our key focus was involving your technology provider as soon as possible. In addition, planning not just the first year impact and objectives but where should your app, reports and/or uptake be in three years time?

This translated into all our meetings. Each event professional knows the monetary and engagement ROI that technology can bring. Not counting the amazing time-saving vs brochures or website edits.

Financial ROI was something we spoke about with many planners. They know that onsite technology can help improve the ROI of sponsors, speakers, delegates and even for the organiser.

3. Functionality is going back to basics!

Event technology has had a surge of new players in the market. Each new software has a “must-have” niche in the market. Most offer something needed, but many forcefully market gimmicks and games over content, networking, or brand engagement.

During our Event Tech Forum meetings, there were three core requirements from people for their face-to-face event app:

  • The app must convey information easily and efficiently with multiple menu items, filters, searching and easy load links.
  • Engagement, but not for the sake of engagement. The simple beast that is Q&A is THE most underused technology in events. Guess what? It’s making a comeback to the big screen!
  • Reporting! People want to know how to grow THEIR event app and tech adoption. We all know what works for our audiences, so generic marketing or panel discussion debates never quite hit the nail on the head.

Event professionals wanted to find easy reports on key criteria with a solution provider that could help to interpret the data. Why? So;

  1. We can set SMART objectives
  2. We can track our progress and update
  3. So we can fix things on-site instead of apologising post-event!

We thoroughly enjoyed attending the Event Tech Forum and meeting genuinely engaged event professionals. Looking forward to the next one.

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