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Virtual Events

VenuIQ has made some well-considered changes to our off-the-shelf app to make it measure up to the requirements of a virtual event whilst giving you the same level of ROI as an onsite app!

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Easily integrate your favourite virtual meeting app into your virtual event with VenuIQ


We are agnostic to streaming software and link up to every virtual meeting platform – don’t feel cornered on your meeting platform by your app provider or delegate registration provider.

  • Use the video service you feel most comfortable with. We link with Zoom, Adobe Connect, GoTo Webinar, Teams, and more.
  • Book your meetings in-app via the chat or your preferred meeting service.

Keep it visual

Our world-proven live Q&A and polling will keep engagement on people’s screen, but you can also:

  • Use video calls through the app to replace Face-to-Face meetings. No personal data exchanged & GDPR compliant.
  • Add video files to your sessions, for post-event engagement.
  • Allow your sponsors to save live demonstrations to their sponsor page, so interested prospects can still get the “at the booth” experience.
  • Store multiple events inside of one app with your branding. This wraps all your client/sponsor events inside of your branding and allows cross-pollination.
Virtual Events Keep it visual Illustration
Virtual Events Retain onsite ‘feeling’ and engagement Illustration

Retain onsite ‘feeling’ and engagement

While learning you see speakers, presentations, other attendees, the stage and more. Streaming is a fantastic way to maintain the look, but it is possible to lose the atmosphere of traditional events. To address this, we’ve added session chat.

  • It allows people to chat during and after the presentation – just like onsite!
  • Our traditional Q&A and polling can be used around the world but shown on one screen.
  • Keeps the questions coming!

This improves knowledge transfer, understanding, learning and most importantly it increases takeaways.

Video Meetings

Networking event attendees want to find solutions, but they also want to meet people! Keep the informal conversations flowing through our 1-to-1 messaging, but allow people to maintain their face-to-face time by having video meetings through our app. Completely GDPR compliant and sharing no data!

Virutal Events Video Meetings Illustration for VenuIQ
Virtual Events - Keep your event on track Illustration

Keep your event on track

For time-keeping and engagement, organisers and delegates move with the crowds when heading into networking, meetings or sessions. Online, people can get distracted; by checking social media, answering their emails and more. Use the apps automated push notifications to send personalised reminders for when selected sessions are starting.

Post-event reporting

Post-event, our technology will give your virtual events reports an extra dimension! Don’t just tell your clients and sponsor who registered vs attended. We can give your report a social dimension with our session chat, live Q&A and more! You can now report on the conversations your session/webinar started.

If you aren’t able to bring up some call to actions post-event, your report is letting you down! We can give you some unanswered questions to use for your marketing, survey results that can give your sponsors and clients some takeaways and our in-app delegate registration can get your next webinar registration underway through our app.

Virtual Events - Post-event reporting Illustration

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