Maximising Event Engagement: The Top 3 User-Generated Content (UGC) Statistics You Need to Know

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In an era where virtually everyone has the power of social media at their fingertips, UGC (User-Generated Content) has skyrocketed, providing a goldmine of opportunities for event planners to deepen attendee engagement and expand reach. 

Event UGC includes all types of media produced by attendees and other people involved with an event, from photos and videos to reviews and posts on social media. This content delivers a genuine and unique view that encapsulates the event’s atmosphere and has a wide range of applications, from boosting the event’s visibility to recycling attendees’ posts for post-event marketing.

Let’s take a closer look at how event planners can leverage it to achieve their engagement and marketing goals!

Harnessing the power of UGC for events

Depending on your event goals, you can leverage UGC for multiple purposes. 

Real-time engagement: UGC significantly boosts engagement by making attendees active participants rather than passive observers. When the people in your audience share their own photos, videos, and thoughts, they’re not just consuming content; they’re creating it. It allows you to engage them in an authentic but, most importantly, fun way, all while generating content for your brand and community. 

Building anticipation: If your goal is to create buzz before the event, there’s nothing better than getting your audience to talk about it. Find ways to encourage your community to share their excitement, expectations and maybe even memories from your past events. Bonus point: attendees share their content online, it’s not just their immediate circle that sees it – their posts can travel far and wide, reaching potential attendees in different locations and demographics.

Creating social proof: There’s something inherently trustworthy about content created by peers. UGC serves as authentic testimonials, showcasing real reactions, experiences, and perspectives from the event. This authenticity resonates with audiences in a way that polished, professional content might not, and proves especially effective in your post-event marketing. 

The question is, what is the best way to harness UGC? What platforms are the most effective? What can event planners do to encourage UGC creation?

Digging further into the UGC trend, carried out a survey with 100 seasoned marketers and event professionals to provide a crucial glimpse into how UGC is shaping up today and its influence on marketing tactics. 

The most engaging UGC type at events

When looking at the most engaging types of user-generated content at events, the clear winner is photos, capturing a staggering 65% of attendee interaction. Videos also hold a significant place, securing 18% of the engagement pie.

The most engaging User Generated Content type at events - graphic

Not to be overlooked, testimonials and text-based posts contribute to the mix with 12% and 5% respectively, demonstrating the varied ways in which event attendees like to share their experiences. 

This data emphasises the visual over the textual, with imagery leading the charge in UGC engagement at events.

The best way to encourage UGC during events

To ignite the creation of user-generated content at events, branded hashtags take the lead, with an impressive 40% of event professionals agreeing on their efficacy. Contests and giveaways are also a hit, making up 32% of the strategy pie, showing that a little incentive goes a long way.

The best way to encourage User Generated Content during events - graphic

Photo booths and selfie stations offer a more visual appeal, constituting 21%, while Q&A sessions foster a more intimate interaction, though they are less utilised, representing 7% of the methods preferred by event organisers. 

This strategy distribution highlights the power of a strong call-to-action and the allure of potential rewards in driving UGC engagement.

The best social platforms for collecting UGC during events

Social media remains a crucial channel for harvesting UGC, with Instagram leading the pack. According to a survey, a commanding 45% of event professionals prefer Instagram for UGC collection, citing its visually rich platform as ideal for audience engagement.

The best social media platforms for collecting User Generated Content during events - graphic

Facebook follows suit, securing 29% of the vote for its extensive reach and user base. Not to be overlooked, TikTok and Twitter capture 16% and 10% respectively, with TikTok’s creative edge and Twitter’s real-time discussion capabilities offering diverse avenues for UGC engagement.

It’s time to embrace the UGC wave

UGC has undeniably reshaped the landscape of event marketing and engagement, turning audiences into co-creators of the event experience. Leveraging UGC at events is not just about generating content; it’s about cultivating an environment where engagement flourishes and the community thrives. 

From the visual storytelling power of Instagram to the conversational threads of Twitter, the strategic implementation of UGC harnesses authenticity and amplifies reach, setting the stage for events that resonate well beyond their physical boundaries. Embrace the UGC wave, and watch as your event becomes a vibrant hub of shared experiences and lasting memories.

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