Enterprise Builder

Expand your enterprise with a bespoke app built just for your organisation.

Enterprise Builder by VenuIQ. Create an app for your business.


Create a branded space for your internal communications and put it in your staff’s hands.

Ensure staff understand core values and work to a common rule book.

Put the information you hold at head office into the cloud and share it via mobile when and where your employees need it.

Make it easy for staff to find important information.

Encourage the sharing of information and ideas throughout your network and build teamwork.


Our backend tools allow you to add and remove features on your enterprise mobile app. Here are just a few of the many options we have or request your own custom features, and we’ll create these for you.

Corporate Directory

Create an employee address book and let your staff easily contact each other.

Document Library

Store documents relating to your business and allow staff to read or download them.

Match Making

Encourage meeting coordination with our match-making feature that lets you organise meetings.

Branded Design

Add a logo, splash screen, fonts, layout and background images to customise your app fully.


Encourage secure internal communication through our chat facilities.

Internal Events

Organise, manage, and run events for your staff through our native event builder.

Internal News

Create a news feed personalised to your staff and each individual.

Press Releases

Notify staff of your press releases so they’re in the know just like everyone else.

Knowledge Base

Build and maintain a knowledge base of accurate information on your products and services for staff to access quickly and easily.

Professional Development

Nurture staff development and professional ambitions through our mentorship and training features.

Sharing Ideas

Encourage staff to research and develop new ideas for products and services – disseminate them with the suggestion box feature.


Ask questions and get a response from your staff.


An easy-to-use, purpose-built management software portal to create your own branded enterprise app.

Unlike other app creators, we won’t leave you on your own to build your app. Our UK support team will help you the whole way through, from design to implementation.

With significant experience building a multitude of apps for hundreds of organisations, we know what works and how to implement it.

We understand the needs of businesses. Our directors run multiple organisations and know how to fit technology into a business successfully, so it works for you and your bottom line.

We realise having an app that perfectly represents your business is crucial so we encourage bespoke features and full customisation in your app.

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