World-class event tech support

Our passionate Customer Success Team are here to make sure you get the best possible support and use out of VenuIQ.

We don’t leave you to try and figure out what to do. We also don’t rely on onboarding bots to fudge their way around tasks in a random tour. You get a dedicated, named human to talk to, as often as you want, no matter how small the ask. Helping you put on your event, just as you want it?

The team is based in both the UK and USA and available to help you make your event happen efficiently and effectively. It’s a hand-holding philosophy we believe makes us the best supported virtual events company in the UK.

So if you’re looking at improving your Event App experience, hosting your first virtual event, or even your second, third, etc., we’re here to help make sure that it’s a success. From registration pages and the invite process, through to content input, video technology choices, reporting, and post-event follow-up, we can assist and guide you to event nirvana.

Check out the Help Centre for general assistance with managing your event with VenuIQ.

Successful events use VenuIQ

Call +44 121 796 5800 to talk through the options for your next event