Current social distancing regulations in place around the world can play havoc with events. Reminding guests to keep apart is a chore currently being countered with signs, queueing lines, and barriers. We believe this can be improved on and we can get events to function close to normal again. Our NEW wearable product, SafeWatch, addresses the social distancing issue by assisting guests to stay the recommended distance from each other.

The SafeWatch is a fully rechargeable wearable device that provides location tracking for your events. In addition, it has a proximity alert feature that flashes and vibrates if it detects you within 2m of another delegate. It helps actively encourage social distancing.

SafeWatch vibrates and flashes when two guests move within 2m of space. This actively encourages social distancing.
SafeWatch vibrates and flashes when two guests cross paths

The SafeWatch can also be used to log those breaches of social distancing and be used for track and tracing purposes after the event should it be required.

SafeWatch Features:

SafeWatch for tracking and social distancing at events
  • encourages social distancing through vibrate and flash feature
  • tracks guests around your event
  • logs contact with another guest for track and trace issues
  • provides heatmap technology to organisers
  • find missing guests and speakers
  • proximity alerts within range of a beacon for more information on the app
  • rechargeable
  • easily disinfected between use

So, you’ll get accurate information about who is where in your event, numbers of people per room, our great heat mapping technology, and help keep your guests safe.

Prices start from £5 / SafeWatch as a rental per event.

Download the Introduction to SafeWatch presentation

Download the SafeWatch Headlines booklet

To find out more about SafeWatch and tracking technology for your event, please give us a call on 0121 796 5800.