Five reasons to choose VenuIQ as your event partner

5 reasons why to choose VenuIQ as your event partner graphic

We know you’ve got plenty of options when it comes to choosing a technology partner for your events. To help you in your decision making we’ve collated the top five reasons you should choose the team at VenuIQ to assist you. 1) Designed by you! VenuIQ is a purpose-built system with all developments driven by …

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Tracking event delegates

tracking event delegates
Richer delegate experience...richer organiser data The holy grail, silver bullet (or whatever your choice of hyperbolic metaphor) for event organisers is tangible, actionable data on your event whilst giving a seamless and value-added experience to your delegates. Discovering which sessions are most popular, which breakout areas generated the most buzz and perhaps, most importantly, undeniable, ...

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How to monetise your event

monetise your event graphic

Selling tickets to your event isn’t the only way to make it pay for itself. Here’s a comprehensive list of methods we’ve used with successful events teams to monetise their event: 1. Advertising It’s the oldest marketing play there is and still the most successful. Let companies advertise within your communications and charge them for …

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Why event apps fail and how to avoid it happening to you

crowd at event

Recent conversations in the last few months have inspired this post on event app failure. It has become common when speaking to events professionals to discover that their 2017/18 event app has failed. This despite heavy investment in the app. Why? Was it the app, the audience, or the event? Given the fact, nearly half …

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