VenuIQ assist the MKG Extravaganza – Case Study

Recently we provided the event technology for MKG Foods to manage their annual food tasting event, the MKG Extravaganza.

With VenuIQ managing the check-in process via app on iPhone, guests were also given a name badge lanyard carrying one of our beacon devices. This enabled guests to be tracked around the exhibition hall with MKG looking to use the data provided to ascertain which stands were visited the most often.

Other benefits occurred from being able to find particular members of staff. In such a busy event with over 500 people attending, finding staff in the melee can be difficult. A quick look-up on the app indicated where that person currently was and could be connected with a customer quickly.

MKG also used their event app to automatically let sales representatives know when one of their key customers had checked-in. A text message was sent automatically from VenuIQ to the sales reps phone alerting them to the check-in.

With a speedy check-in process customers flowed quickly into the exhibition. Meanwhile staff were kept up to date with key customer arrivals. Handy reports document the entire day and a large amount of information on check-in timings and exhibit visits are now available for analysis by the MKG team. In all, a hugely successful implementation of the VenuIQ app at an event.

A case study download is also available.

MKG Extravaganza with VenuIQ
MKG Extravaganza check-in desk with VenuIQ