MIFID II – Tracking guests for billing purposes at investing events

With 2018’s MIFID II’s regulations now in place, corporate access to research must now be paid for directly and not bundled in with other services. This has had several consequences on the investment industry with some companies reducing their commitment to providing research in some sectors, others cancelling conferences, and some providing a catch-all price. Unbundling services doesn’t have to be a headache though.

VenuIQ is committed to providing technology that benefits events organisers and attendees. For the investment industry, we’re able to specifically address some of the issues regarding corporate access to research at events with our technology. Our beacon technology along with purpose-built apps and management tools allows event organisers to know who attended what sessions and when. The beacons are worn by event attendees in a badge or lanyard format and track the movement of that individual throughout the event day.

This location tracking data is delivered in comprehensive reports, both graphically or in table form allowing the event organiser to know what happened and where. The event organiser or IRO can then invoice only those people who attended actual research delivery sessions. A reduction in headache administration plus a benefit to your attendees who may be worried about being billed for research access at an event they wish to attend for just networking purposes.

Location-based technology is just one part of the incredible VenuIQ Event Builder software. With Event Builder you can:

  • Invite guests and manage the entire event process from your browser.
  • Add speakers, rooms, attendee profiles and build an agenda, then automatically create a mobile app specifically for your conference or event that you can invite attendees to download.
  • Add in the ability for guests to chat within the secure app, organise meetings at the event, and guide themselves around with a venue map.
  • Let your guests build a personalised schedule for the event and sync that with their calendar.
  • Push notifications to their apps to let guests know important messages.
  • Add in Q&A, polling, and surveys to seminars.

For more information on Event Builder, contact the sales team at VenuIQ on +44 121 796 5800

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