VenuIQ - big data location based intelligence for transport hubs


VenuIQ could be used in the following ways by a travel operator or travel hub. Don’t be limited by our suggestions. Anything you can think of based on location, your internal systems and customer interaction can be built and included in your travel app.

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Search and Mapping

Plant iBeacons around your travel hub eg. airport, train station and guide your visitors to the correct location. It’s an in-app sat-nav but on a micro level. Are they looking for Platform 9? Your app can give them a visual reference and then plot a path on a map right on their phone.

Venue Map - Main Station iPhone

Enhance your retail offering

Got special offers happening in your location from your retailers? Allow them to advertise in the app with pop-up offers as visitors travel through your terminal or transit hub.

enhance your event app with proximity based alerts with venu-iq

Call for Assistance

Alert transit staff that you need assistance at your location.

Venu-IQ - Call for assistance via the app


Tie the app into your booking system. When your traveller arrives at the venue, VenuIQ can automatically check them in.

Link Venu-IQ to your booking system and let visitors Check in via the app

Big Data to Useful Information

Don’t just guess how many people came to your transit hub, now you’ll know! People trails and heat maps reveal which areas are most visited, what areas are searched for the most and where customers need the most assistance. From this you’ll know where to place your staff, refreshment areas, signage, etc.

Convert your big data to useful intelligence at transportation hubs with VenuIQ

We’d love to help you and your venue out with a bespoke app that works exactly how you want it to.

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