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Smart Tracking

The VenuIQ beacon is your attendee’s digital identity during an event. Our beacons allow organisers to have invaluable accurate live and post-show data for in-person events, just like they have enjoyed throughout the explosion of online events during the pandemic.

Achieve the same levels of insight in-person, as online

Throughout the pandemic, organisers had to quickly shift to a “virtual” model. One huge benefit was the level of data insights they could achieve as organisers for themselves, the sponsors, exhibitors and delegates were huge, far surpassing the in-person experience.

As we move to a post-pandemic world, VenuIQ beacons allow organisers to get the same level of detailed intelligence as online whilst also giving attendees amazing enhanced experiences too. It enables attendees to check into meetings, sessions and events, make networking with other guests smarter, shows who’s in what session live, improves session suggestions to delegates, and gives exhibitors exactly who was at their stand and for how long while also making scanning badges a thing of the past. It also means in a hybrid event, you will now get the same level of data insight for both in-person and online users.

The beacon captures valuable data that can be used to personalise the event experience for every attendee. And – it costs less than you might think!

Are you looking for enhanced data insights for your in-person event?

Why add smart tracking to your event?

Track Session Attendance

Guests with access to a session can auto check-in and out without the hassle of swiping badges. As an organiser, you’ll know exactly how many people attended each individual session.

Capture Interactions

With every interaction monitored, attendees can record who they met, the sessions they attended, and what exhibitors they visited.

Added Value to your event

Your event attendees’ data can be used to measure the success of individual sessions, prevent overcrowding, and provide added value to exhibitors and sponsors.

Enhanced Networking

Event participants can exchange contact information quickly and easily. When combined with our sophisticated in-app AI match-making facility, which suggests useful contacts, attendees can ensure they make the most of networking opportunities in the event.

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Remove session attendance friction

  • Remove time-intensive scanning and swiping of badges
  • Automatically check in and check out attendees
  • Let attendees passively collect speaker and exhibitor marketing material

Capture attendee connections

  • Beacon records where attendees went and what connections were made.
  • Which sessions were attended
  • What exhibitors were visited
  • Give attendees the option to share their location to aid networking and show their “last seen” location live in the event app
Exhibitors and attendee sharing information through beacons at an event
Automatic check-in at events graphic

Enhanced networking

  • No more business cards
  • Exchange information with LED feedback
  • Captures time and location for each connection
  • Access contact information post-event through the Event Builder app

Be Covid Secure, Build Confidence

  • Anonymously stores data of interactions in case of a covid outbreak
  • Can be programmed for time and distance
  • In the event of an outbreak – quickly identify close contacts
  • Gives attendees confidence that measures are in place to keep everyone safe/li>
Exhibitors and attendee sharing information through beacons at an event

Build your own new event world

Session Tracking

Live monitor from your administration portal the number of attendees who check in and out of your sessions and rooms. Use for crowd control purposes and to enable speakers to know the success of their engagement.[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]

Recyclable Badges

Cut down on print waste with the smart tracking beacons from VenuIQ. Beacons can be date-wiped and used again and again from event to event.

Attendee Journey

Tracking data let you build a journey map of an attendee’s experience. Use this to build relationships with your speakers, exhibitions, and prove the value of your event for networking purposes.

Long Battery Life

Smart tracking beacons are designed to last for the longest of events and are reusable for up to 2 years.

Contact Exchange

Measure the number of interactions and connections made between your attendees, speakers, and exhibitors. Prove the popularity of your event and use in negotiations in future years.

If you’d like to add smart tracking to your next event, get in touch with the VenuIQ Event Builder team on 0121 796 5800.