In-app event scanning

QR Code scanning options for event apps by VenuIQ

Here’s a quick win for your events. The VenuIQ app comes complete with in-app scanning, designed to be your ultimate cheat code for driving engagement and interactivity at your events. Plus, give your exhibitors and speakers those all-important visits and stats.

Here’s how:

1. Lead Scanning for Exhibitors:

With just a quick camera click, your exhibitors can capture visitor details instantly. Post-discussion, they can also add personalised notes to each contact, ensuring every interaction is meaningful and trackable.

Scanning QR Codes with in-app event scanning

2. Delegate-to-Delegate Scanning:

Foster a community of networking by enabling delegates to share their details seamlessly among each other. It’s networking made easy and efficient, with just a scan.

3. Passport Program:

Stimulate traffic to exhibitor stands by integrating a passport system within your event app. Attendees must visit a set number of stands to qualify for a prize draw, creating fun and rewarding reasons to engage.

4. Scavenger Hunt Gamification:

Engage attendees with a digital scavenger hunt. They’ll explore the event in a playful and interactive way, visiting various stands and unlocking treasures as they go.

5. Engagement Leaderboard:

Incorporate a real-time leaderboard to spotlight the most visited stands and foster a competitive, yet fun environment. This not only boosts foot traffic but also gives your sponsors the visibility they crave.

6. Quick Check-Ins:

Streamline event entry with rapid scan check-ins through the event app, ensuring a smooth start to the attendees’ experience.

7. Accurate Session Attendance Tracking:

Keep precise records of session attendance by requiring guests to scan in. This data is invaluable for sponsors and speakers who are keen to understand their audience reach and engagement.

Incorporate these features into your next event and watch as your sponsors and attendees revel in increased interactivity and engagement. It’s time to make every connection count and every interaction insightful with VenuIQ’s scanning capabilities.

To see these features in action or to schedule a demo, please contact us at +44 121 796 5800. We’re here to help make your next event your best ever.