Why an event app?

You may think that having put money into a website for your event that adding an event app is overkill. However, purpose-built apps that work alongside your event website prove to be the best for your attendees. All users appreciate an app that responds quickly with the information they need. Event apps provide more services, in a convenient format, right to the attendee whilst on location. These services like Q&A, messaging, surveys and more. While websites are fantastic services on a desktop or laptop, they are seldom fit for purpose on a phone while wandering around an event nor respond well to the typical poor event Wi-Fi.

Event apps provide the following benefits:

Event apps provide the following benefits:

– A clean, concise, purpose-built interface designed for the mobile screen that provides information quickly and clearly.
Lower loading times. Websites require long loading times due to the amount of data that needs to be download, this tends to be event longer over mobile with manual optimising needed for non-optimised websites. The majority of information is stored in the app and only small bursts of data are required to keep it up to date. This can be particularly crucial with items like event floorplans, agendas, sponsor lists and more.
Additional features far beyond those of a website. For example, in-event chat, networking and social capabilities are all significantly enhanced through a mobile event app. This enhanced networking provides huge value to all your attendees.
– Opportunities to earn additional income through sponsorship of an app through this networking, website link, menu items and more.
– Mobile event apps can respond to locations within your event space. Use beacons to push alerts to the app or provide additional information about an exhibit or record a visit to a stand.
Push notifications can be sent from the administration interface to all (or just some) attendees at your event. Use these to alert guests to an upcoming seminar, remind them of a networking meeting, or even push adverts.
Report on your event & attendees with an event app and dashboard. This is the most important element of a mobile app for you as organisers. Knowing how effective an event was for a sponsor allows you to know how much to charge. Common questions through your Q&A and session feedback can shape your next events programme from real feedback.

If you’d like to discuss creating your own event app for your next event, get in touch with the Event Builder team on 0121 796 5800.

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