What can we learn from our clients in Covid?

Transparency is king! So… What can we learn from our clients in Covid?

Some are sitting tight, some are going all-in on virtual, some are investing in things they ordinarily don’t have time to and some are just having fun! We’ve been in this lockdown transition for events, and thought we would share what our clients are doing.

1. Passion for their industry!

The brands that have a passion for their event industry are absolutely KILLING IT! VenuIQ are lucky enough to have clients who organise events in almost every core industry.

The ones that have a true passion for their topics and how they directly improve their industry are starting to get a cult following!

2. Engagement is engagement!

We’ve all been pondering and debating the longevity of various areas of events, both old and new. “Should we commit to virtual or plan for our face-to-face?” It’s something we’ve all debated.

Successful planners out there don’t choose either –  they think their audience deserved it all long before Covid. Clients who invested in their delegates’ experiences are flying high now!

3. Without confirmed dates, they have their suppliers SORTED

We all know that event dates inside of 2020 all still have a good chance of being moved. If it does, the day it changes, our clients are able to move their suppliers with them!

The event industry has come together like never before, and for us that doesn’t just mean helping existing customers, it’s helping EVERYONE in the industry gain foresight with transparent prices and flexible planning. It’s not just us, some of our AV, event organiser and digital partners are following suit!

4. Investing in the future of their community… NOT their event.

We’ve spent a lot of time looking at how every one of our clients can use this downtime to create something that puts them top of the list for everybody’s new improved COVID marketing spend!

Some have invested heavily in how their invitations are handled, how they can educate outside of events and importantly how they can continue their hybrid event calendar of virtual and face-to-face in 2021. For some, this has been through massive and bespoke improvements to their delegate registration, for others, it’s been about creating community platforms for their industry! (watch this space in Q3/4 for how that’s gone).

5. They’re having FUN

In this time of madness, one thing that people have forgotten is that every person in their community is just that… A PERSON. We go to events to learn, but to also see new places, meet new people, have beers with people we saw last year!

Virtual events that are “all business” are missing the fundamental that any of us do anything – FUN! Put some games in there, put a poll out there for the football fans out there, or “what will be the first thing you’ll do when the world is back open”!

Keeping the community engaged during lockdown is having some industry banter – don’t be afraid of a good meme!

Virtual Booth fun illustration

6. Integrate

We would be CRAZY to think that we are the only platform that can give you success. We know our strengths and so do our clients. We love to link up to software that is the BEST in the industry and so do our clients.

Our everyday goal is to make every event, app and interaction the best it can be. If that means that someone out there has some epic quizzing software, word cloud, virtual floorplan and more, we’ll link it in.

We would love to grab a virtual coffee to see how we can translate your ideas and objectives into our delegate registration or mobile app.

Give us a call on 0121 796 5800 or send us a line here!