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Our event building software is classed as ‘software as a service’ (aka SaaS), where the software is delivered online as a service rather than installed directly on your machine. Delivering software this way provides several benefits including instant access to information anywhere on any machine, no need for updates or patches, automated backups, and fast servers to deliver results quickly.

While the benefits of SAAS are many, we believe that the service you receive from a SaaS is just as important as the quality of the software product. We deliver quality service at every level of our organisation so that when you choose VenuIQ as your event technology supplier, you can rely on us to ensure things go smoothly.

Organising, arranging, coordinating, managing, and running an event can take months of planning, multiple suppliers, and hundreds-thousands of delegates, suppliers, and exhibitors. Plus there’s the logistics of managing unfamiliar venues and locations. Events are complex tasks and their management shouldn’t be discounted. Storing and delivering your event information is paramount and something you, your organisation, guests, suppliers, sponsors, and exhibitors depend on. We know you have a tough task to deliver a quality event and we’re here to help you all the way from planning, invite, delivery, and follow-up.

VenuIQ’s event software provides all the features you need to deliver a quality event, and integrates with dozens of third-party organisations and multiple vendors; we know how to deliver event technology successfully and the product is used daily worldwide.

With so many features available to you, products such as VenuIQ can seem intimidating at first. That’s where our service team come in.

Customer service at VenuIQ comes from the top down in our organisation with co-founders Oliver Rowe and Philip Mayling hands-on overseeing the successful delivery of events around the globe along with our delivery teams.

From initial enquiry to building your event, conference, or meeting in the software, you’ll find we’re with you as much (or as little) as you need. We provide training, follow-up support, importing of event data, ticket and registration assistance, event advice, integration management with other event software products, and more.

Quality support is delivered by our delivery teams who work with the product daily and know how to help you and your team make the most of its vast capabilities. You’ll find we have heaps of experience working with businesses like yours and being able to adapt VenuIQ to fit your unique event requirements.

Service comes baked-in with VenuIQ. We’re here to help make sure your event goes smoothly and wows your audience.

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