Event Industry Day Out: Sticky Wicket Recap

Ever heard of the Events Industry Day Out? A sporting day out where the industry gathers in London to celebrate the year so far – the ups, the downs and the laughs! All washed down with an ice cold refreshment or five!

As app sponsor for Sticky Wicket XV, VenuIQ were proud to use our new SUPER customisable template for the show. A fun homepage with live scoreboards and leader boards helped to make the app the centre of knowledge for all of the day’s spectators!

For future attendees, what is Sticky Wicket all about?

  1. Raising money for Lord’s Taverners.
    • We had the pleasure of meeting multiple full-time supporters of the Lord’s Taverners, and the work that they do is fantastic. Breaking down the barriers between kids and sports. These barriers could be financial and/or due to disabilities.
  2. Playing and enjoying cricket!
    • I’m not going to promise the highest quality games of cricket you’ve ever seen, but what I can promise is a diverse group of event professionals enjoying the game. Skill levels went from ex-Indian internationals to first-time players. The result is an amazing day out with a splattering of competition.
    • Enter a team with your own company, or partner with a supplier/customer to find the perfect mix!
  3. Networking galore!
    • The atmosphere was almost that of a family BBQ. Meeting industry connections we hadn’t seen for years, in addition, to making some amazing new connections. Did you expect anything different though from our super friendly event industry?
  4. Prizes!
    • The sponsors and suppliers for the event, VenuIQ included, had all submitted some amazing prizes. VenuIQ submitted a free mobile app for the raffle. Our good friend Toby Wand from 365 Events took home the prize of a free event app!

So… is VenuIQ going back next year? ABSOLUTELY! We are hoping to go back bigger in fact, submitting a team to the 2023 edition!

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