How we copied Santa’s technology and made Christmas-sized events available to everyone everywhere at once.

The biggest event of any calendar year? Indianapolis 500, the Ashes, the World Cup? Nope. It’s an annual event run by a bearded bloke who lives at the North Pole who operates a very large toy factory and manages a team of elves. This event, Christmas, is held every year on December 25 and involves Santa delivering presents around the entire planet to children. Somehow Santa manages to transverse the globe stopping at every house in the world to place gifts under Christmas trees. Magic stuff. How does he do it?

Well, here at VenuIQ we’ve cracked Santa’s code and created technology that allows an event of Santa-level genius to happen. You too can arrange your own version of an event that happens everywhere around the world and involves as many people as you want. Event Builder, using a ton of magic plus the power of the internet, lets you build spectacular Christmas-level style events with a few clicks of a mouse in your browser.



This is earth-shattering stuff. Connect your event with people across the globe through our servers and let everyone experience your event at once. And with some powerful time-shifting magic we can even let them experience the event after it happens at a time of their convenience. So we’ve invented a next-level Christmas, Santa plus plus experience!

Guests around the world can join in your event, watch proceedings, comment on, ask questions, join in (reindeer) games, participate in (elf and safety) seminars, download files, and generally hang out together from their own place. A Christmas level of experience now available to you wherever you are. 

We hope you have a great Christmas and look forward to helping you plan your Christmas level event next year!