Why you should replace in-person meetings with virtual events

One of the key lessons from the pandemic is that employees are able to work from home, both functionally and with equal motivation. While some miss the office environment, many do not, and we can probably all look forward to having more flexibility over where and what times we work in the future.

But the need to get together and discuss key issues in important meetings is vital to business life. Quarterly sales meetings and brainstorm sessions provide information-sharing events and guidance for a company and these must continue. Here’s why we believe those meetings should become virtual events.

Key benefits of virtual events

  • Communication continues with those working flexibly or from home
  • Travel cost savings can be significant. When meetings are booked in a central location, colleagues will travel great distances to meet together. This can also involve hotel bookings for overnight stays, meal costs, and large bar bills (!) We know of one company that saved six-figure sums in travel costs over the last year and this saving can be made permanent with a switch of regular in-person meetings to virtual events.
  • Events can be recorded and shared later so even those unable to attend online on the day can keep up to date
  • Virtual events keep people on track. It’s well known that our attention can wander during longer virtual calls so event speakers will prepare beforehand and keep their presentations succinct to minimise lost attention spans.
  • Considerable savings to the environment. Keeping cars off the road lowers pollution, reduces the chances of accidents, and minimises the need for road repairs. Virtual meetings minimise costs in food, paper, print, and time.