TK Events & VenuIQ strike new balance between Agency & Software

TK Events, a Canadian born tech-savvy event agency, with offices in the UK, have announced a worldwide partnership with event technology provider VenuIQ. A partnership that will strike the perfect balance and symmetry between your event management, registration and onsite event technology.

The established connection between TK Events & VenuIQ will enhance technical understanding and consulting throughout the event scoping, building and implementation processes. TK Event’s knowledge of VenuIQ will allow clients to have an app created and submitted to the stores within one hour!

 “As we return to in-person events and continue to engage with remote audiences, event technology is a critical component in event strategy and planning,” says TK Events Founder, Trish Knox. It’s really about offering an all-in-one solution allowing us to connect our registration data and deliver onsite engagement through gamification, match-making and networking. Most importantly the data insights we gain, provides the ever-important  ROI to clients and their sponsors. Creative approaches to leveraging and seamlessly implementing  event technology is going to be at the forefront of event exeuction. Often these service fundamentals are missed when technology is offered without the event experience background”

It’s safe to say that event technology has 99% of a client’s requirements for a small slice of the budget. With this trend, agencies and tech-providers have been leveraging partnerships to improve customer experience. These partnerships have allowed agencies to have a strong understanding of using a system leading to better time management  and cost-efficiency.

For those complex, multi-faceted programs and time pressured planning, having an agency who can turn around technology (and an event) is crucial. More importantly though in these fast paced times is having an agency that can scope the right functions for your event. Partnerships between agencies and event technology providers needs to go beyond knowing ‘how’ to use, instead focusing on ‘what’ to use.

Luke Buckley, Head of Partnership Network for VenuIQ commented “the industry is crying out for more partnership likes ours with TK Events. This partnership transcends just knowing how to use VenuIQ, instead focusing on how to scope, price and implement.”

“It’s important to design event technology to provide the analytics for stakeholder & sponsor success. Ensure your agency has analytics expertise and can present you with key metrics in a respectful timeframe,” says Knox.

The combined event and technology experience of TK Events and VenuIQ is a winning combination in delivering exceptional event and technology experiences.