DDF Summit event app in use during seminar for question and answer session

Event Builder by VenuIQ as your event technology partner

We provide a white-labelled event app that event agencies can actively promote to their customers, learn the ins and outs of quickly, and customise to the various needs of each event.

So why should you partner with VenuIQ?

  • Convenience
    One supplier, one dashboard to learn, one point of contact. Within one event, you will know our dashboard like the back of your hand.
  • Competitive Pricing
    By using multiple suppliers, you’re not getting the best deal. We price on commitment. The more events you have with us, the cheaper it gets.
  • Add a revenue stream
    The end goal with all companies is to make money. We have clients who get our apps sponsored (banners or landing page) and who charge sponsors for access to functionality like meetings and messages. Alternatively, some events allow purchases for seminars and activities to be made through the app.
  • We can develop ANYTHING
    We built our platform from the ground up, so anything you need, we can develop.
  • Industry-led development
    You know more than us about your event. If your client needs something that will make us better – we’ll cover the bill!
  • Customer service
    We don’t lose customers! We take calls 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. After all, we have as much invested as you in making sure your clients’ events are successful!
  • Our hand-holding approach
    We support the implementation of our software with heaps of phone, email and face-to-face support. Not just on your first event but for every event going forward. If you have a problem, we’re only a call away!
  • White label solution
    Your client won’t even know our name. Our end goal is to improve your product offering and to do that, we will let you promote our functionality with your branding – not ours.
  • We have fun!
    Outside of the day-to-day running of events, we like to get to know our customers through a host of hospitality schemes.
  • Making money
    As well as your clients’ making money from the app, you can too! We have very competitive pricing, that makes it easy for you to have a nice margin for providing the app. We do not get involved in how you price this.
  • Linking systems
    Any platform that has a link/API, we can connect with. We have linked with a number of delegate registration, ticketing, document library software systems and more!

If you’re an event agency looking for a technology partner you can trust, get in touch with the VenuIQ team on 0121 796 5800.