In-app scanning is an immediate return on investment

  1. 100% profit on your lead scanning is possible
  2. Is your lead scanning making you money?
  3. Make money for you and your sponsors!

Everybody wants to know what the next big thing is with the return of physical events. We’re here to say that it could have been staring at you from before COVID.

For years our mobile event apps have given a return on investment (ROI) to events across multiple industries and event types. This ROI could be session engagement, post-event reporting, networking and more.

What have we seen in the last 3 months delivering the most ROI?

It’s lead scanning INSIDE your event app!

Check-in event app for VenuIQ

Lead scanning has been a part of the events industry for years, but the legacy scanners (still here today) each add an additional cost. This cost eats into your precious margin and add another supplier to your address book!

What if we told you app scanning should be INCLUDED in your event app? This means:

  1. ONE app for the entirety of your event
  2. ONE reporting system to populate
  3. YOUR branding
  4. 100% profit

Lead scanning sits as part of a forward-thinking development initiative which saw us create “My Guest Pass”. This functionality has been used to take events badgeless. No more wasted lanyards or unprinted tickets. See how our client Wound Care People did this with VenuIQ here.

You don’t have to lose your reporting though. You should be learning more by using this QR technology. Our system is capable of telling you who and how many people are onsite in addition to who and how many delegates went to each session.

This technology on its own justifies using a mobile event app for lead scanning at events.

But why use just this functionality?

Combine this with your overarching marketing and onsite app activity and you’ll have the best insight into your event you’ve ever had and earn more money whilst doing it.

Successful events use VenuIQ

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