Five reasons to choose VenuIQ as your event partner

We know you’ve got plenty of options when it comes to choosing a technology partner for your events. To help you in your decision making we’ve collated the top five reasons you should choose the team at VenuIQ to assist you.

1) Designed by you!
VenuIQ is a purpose-built system with all developments driven by you, the industry. The result is a well-balanced off-the-shelf app foundation that is used from 60 people roundtables to 200 people conferences, right the way up to 4,000 person exhibitions.

And what if we or the market don’t have a feature? CHALLENGE US and we’ll build it for you!

2) Support
We have transparent pricing with NO hidden fees. We offer on-site app support and get hands-on. Whether that’s uploading data, editing delegates and other pre-event assistance or helping with badges, logistics and more on-site.

We’ll be with you from start to finish – with an army of developers at your account manager’s disposal.

3) Integrations
We integrate with HUNDREDS of other software platforms. Why? To streamline your workload and allow your app to populate with delegates, hotel information, documents and more with the click of a button! We haven’t found software we can’t link with yet.

If you have a series of 3rd party software’s you want to centralise, ask us.

4) We are super cost-effective
The off-the-shelf nature of our core platform makes us one of the most cost-effective app platforms out there. Don’t mistake us for a budget platform though! Our platform is crazy flexible; change menu names, icons, colours and more to ensure your app is the mirror of your website and branding.

If our core app platform can’t do it, we can develop it. All of our team have hands-on event experience and will help to brainstorm what you need, all within your budget.

5) We’re in it for the long-term
When you become a customer of ours, we’re in it for the long-term. We have long-term relationships with all of our customers, looking to grow alongside your event and your event to grow alongside us.

After all, we’re in it together – your win is our win!

There you have it. Five solid reasons to choose VenuIQ to partner with on your events. We’ve got plenty more to back those up so if you’d like to discuss your event planning, get in touch with the Event Builder team on 0121 796 5800.

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