Boost Your ROI with Event Technology

No doubt you’re well into planning activities for this coming year and are allocating budgets to your events. Return on Investment for your events will be more important than ever this year as inflation continues throughout the economy. Getting the most ‘bang for your buck’ and proving the success of your event should be paramount.

As your event technology partner, we provide you with the necessary metrics to prove the success of your event to your sponsors, speakers, exhibitors, and venue. 

Here are the core KPIs event technology provides you:

Event engagement

Event apps encourage chat between guests, offer networking opportunities with meetings, and drive foot traffic to specific stands or speakers with in-app notifications.


Interaction at events is measured in various ways, including through survey completions, seminar Q&As, participation in polls, gamification, website visits, and social media usage. VenuIQ’s tracking technology also provides hard data on where, when, and how long guests interacted with specific parts of your event. 


The most valuable information event technology provides is the collection of data. These analytics can prove how popular speakers were, collect feedback from customers in post-event surveys, and track guests throughout an event. Data from this can be used for future decision-making, such as how much to charge for certain tickets, where to place exhibits and networking spaces, and which speakers and topics are popular with guests.


One overlooked aspect of running an event is the amount of administration event planners and organisers do. A well-run event management platform takes away much of the burden of pre-event organisation and makes on-the-day management of guests easy. Just one example is VenuIQs tracking which can locate a guest, if necessary, during the event.

Financial ROI

Event technology wouldn’t exist if it didn’t have a purpose. While nothing in life is free, event technology more than pays for itself with reduced booking friction, ease of check-in, analytics, increased interaction, and proof of event success. Enhanced sponsorship opportunities in event apps.

Successful events use VenuIQ

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