people at venue avoiding the queues with automated check in

Add Automatic check-in to your venue and speed up those queues.

With VenuIQ’s check-in system, you can allow your members to check themselves into your venue.

The benefits flow from automatic check-in:

  • speed up queues
  • operate VIP meet and greet when guests arrive
  • automatically notify venue manager when and where visitors are
  • ensure guests are using your app and gain additional benefits from that
  • promote specific items of the week or event
  • upsell opportunities when key guests arrive
  • manage flow and capacity in a venue by placing guests in specific areas
  • operate membership tiers and benefit from pricing mechanisms
VenuIQ check in to your hospitality venue

Real World Use: Automatic Check-In at the Institute of Directors

The Institute of Directors (IoD) use a VenuIQ app to govern members’ check-in at their London headquarters, 116 Pall Mall.

Members use the IoD:Advance app to check themselves into the building and it informs staff of their arrival. By ensuring the app is used, the IoD know where everyone is and can manage rooms accordingly to meet strict fire regulations.

IOD Advance app screen front page

Auto check-in benefits are numerous, and we’d love to install a similar system in your venue. The VenuIQ app ties in with your existing booking and sales systems to allow automatic check-in for guests. Not only can you increase average sales per guest, but by using hidden beacons around your venue, you can discover and measure where your customers visit and for how long.¬†In turn, you can provide them with more information based on their location, find their way with a map, and get more content on an exhibit…it’s all possible with VenuIQ.

Location technology is in place in hundreds of venues around the world. From galleries and museums, to exhibitions and commercial buildings, sports stadiums, conference centres and retailers – all venues can benefit from its use.

Successful venues use VenuIQ

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